Cool man, cool. (8-25-14)

A lot of you guys wanted clarification about what went down or was SUPPOSED to go down with the VMAs and all that business.

So let me start this by saying, there are NO hard feelings between me, Austin Mahone, YouNow, or the producers at MTV, lol. To think that I would be even the sligtest bit angry about not getting screen time like that is absurd.

It started out about 2 weeks ago when I got an email from the talent agents at YouNow asking me if I wanted to have a chance to do some coverage about the VMAs and do some red carpet work without actually being at the red carpet event, and of course I said I would do it! They gave me a list of celebrities to pick from to be “assigned” to, and I picked Austin Mahone. They said I would have a good amount of screen time on tv to talk about him and all that good stuff. A couple days before, actually, right after I tweeted about being able to cover some of the event, I got an email saying that things were changed up a bit, and that MTV isn’t going to be doing as much through YouNow as they had planned originally. So after signing the papers with MTV and YouNow to allow them to put me on TV, we had rehearsals with what we were going to say or do for our celebrities and all that. Then finally, Sunday night rolls around and I went live for dang near 3 hours waiting to get the green light from YouNow to do my thing for the event for Austin Mahone, and as the red carpet event was finishing, we were all joking about how Austin is “always late” and all that stuff. And all of the other celebrities were rolling up in nice Ferraris and limos and escalades, and then all of a sudden, a FREAKING MARCHING BAND rolls up to the main stage, and they’re followed by A FREAKING HUGE BUS with Austin on the front. I thought this was hysterical because we thought we wasn’t going to show up, and I was freaking out because I didn’t know how to follow something up like that, that was insane.

Then that was the end of the red carpet event, and we didn’t have the time to do the stuff for Austin since he was at the tail end of the event. It was kinda weird though, because the other broadcasters from YouNow made it on TV near the beginning of all of the celebrities, and as the show went on, they ended up skipping dang near all of the other broadcasters covering the other celebrities. I found that kinda odd, but with the nature of live TV, the whole thing was ran by the seam of their pants, so there was really no planning or structure with as to what we could have expected.

All in all, it was AWESOME to be able to be handed such an amazing opportunity like that, and I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. I am so humbled by your guys’ continuous love and support through all the things I’ve been doing. Speaking of which, I’m going to be going back to my normal live stream times around 7PM EST, the schedule is to be announced still!

Again, thank you guys so so much for all the support. I wouldn’t have been able to have such an awesome opportunity like this if you guys never believed in me and my craft.

Good Vibes :) 


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